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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Types of SEO

Different types of SEO :- ON page & Off page
And both of these includes :-
1/ White hat seo
2/ Black hat seo
3/ Gray hat seo

White Hat SEO :- Also known as natural search engine optimization or organic search engine optimization, ethical seo, white hat SEO is the legitimate use of keyword-focused copy and tags, Crawler-friendly site architecture, Search Engine Submissions and a quality Backlinks network to improve a site's Position, Page Rank and Click-Through Rate. White hat SEO does not involve the use of Cloaking, Spam or any other Black Hat SEO techniques.

Black Hat SEO :- Black hat SEO is the term used for unethical or deceptive optimization techniques. This includes Spam, Cloaking, or violating search engine rules in any way. If a search engine discovers a site engaging in black hat SEO it will remove that site from its Index.
Banned / Blacklisted / Delisted :- Also known as delisted or blacklisted, a banned site is a URL that has been removed from a search engine's Index, typically for engaging in Black Hat SEO. Banned sites are ignored by search engines.

Grey hat seo :- Gray hat SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization strategies that fall in between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Gray hat SEO techniques can be legitimate in some cases and illegitimate in others. Such techniques include Doorway Pages, Gateway Pages, Cloaking and duplicate content. It is a soft form of Black hat seo or we can say that it is tricky part of seo.

Spam refers to any and all Search Engine Marketing techniques that violate search engine guidelines or attempt to gain increased Rank for a site using content that is irrelevant, deceptive or of little value to users. Types of spam include Hidden Text, content that contains nonsensical Keyword repetition, deceptive Cloaking or numerous Doorway Pages that redirect users to the same Landing Page. If a search engine detects spamming the offending site will be Blacklisted or lose Position. Spam is a Black Hat SEO technique.
Ex:- Cloaking (Also known as “stealth”, cloaking is a technique that involves serving one set of information to known search engine spiders while displaying a different set of information on documents viewed by clients.), Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Text, Useless Meta Tags, Misuse of Directories, Hidden Tags, Email Spam, Redirect Spam, Misuse of Web 2.0 Formats (ie Wiki, social networking and social tagging)

Spamdexing, which is a word derived from “spam” and “indexing,” refers to the practice of search engine spamming.

Ex:- Mirror websites are simply sites that all have the same content but use a different URL, URL redirection, cloaking, Google bombing / Googlewashing (Making a page rank well for a specific search query by having multiple links point at it with the keywords in the anchor text.)


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  3. Nice info! I've been searching for a good philadelphia seo firm for a while now, but I can't really tell whether they practice ethical seo or use black hat techniques. Thanks a million for explaining all these terms. It helps a lot!

  4. I agree with Rita. This explains a lot! I've just started working with search engine optimization for my business, and there are so many different tools that it's really hard to know which ones are acceptable and which ones are illegal. So Thank you for clarifying! It's greatly appreciated!

  5. I'm on the same page as AlexJovic. This is great! I've spoken to a couple different seo consulting services, and they mentioned some of these terms, but I didn't know what most of them meant until now. Thanks for explaining!

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