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Sunday, March 27, 2011

SEO content

Dynamic content is web content such as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) that are generated or changed based on database information or user activity. Web pages that remain the same for all visitors in every context contain "static content." Many e-commerce sites create dynamic content based on purchase history and other factors. Search engines have a difficult time indexing dynamic content if the page includes a session ID number, and will typically ignore URLs that contain the variable "?".Search engines will punish sites that use deceptive or invasive means to create dynamic content.
Length of On-Page Content : - you should have 250 words (or more) of actual inline content – i.e. not headers, not sidebar content.
When a page has 1,000+ plus, it has a much better chance of ranking for the keywords that it’s optimized for.

Scanable Line Paragraphs :- keeping paragraphs within 3-4 lines (5 lines max), you can create a text-experience that users can easily scan.
structuring your content:- Basically, you should section off your content using header tags (e.g. <h2> and <h3>). This will create a break in the content that (1) makes it seem easier (i.e. ‘not as long’) to read, and (2) provides visual cues to pull the user’s eye through the content.
Bullet Lists:- search engine regard them as “broken content”.
(1) you have 2 sentences/3 lines preceding the bullet list,
(2) you have another 2 sentences/3 lines following it, and
(3) there is a minimum of 250 words of “unbroken” content on the page
5 formula to rank on top of search engines :- 1/ Contribute content to other websites
2/ Write your own awesome content
3/ Contribute Freebies
4/ Help Others (yahoo answers)
5/ And then make sure you get backlinks from other sites with those keywords as anchor text.


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