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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Complete On page seo points

  • Don’t use <b> </b> Bold, &nbsp; and <br/> tag in web pages.
  • For best performance make websites in smarty.
  • Make URLs SEO friendly for dynamic websites (use .htaccess file for this). 
  • Don't use session IDs for information that you'd like to be indexed by spiders. 
  • URL Rewriting is done to make URL SEO friendly (you can remove .html / .php extension through .htaccess file but server "mod_rewrite" should be enabled).
  • Background repeat images should be of 1px.
  • Use images and logos in bg, repeat transparent images of 1px width and height on bg image to make clickable and to restrict download bg images.
  • If requirement of flash in websites them convert it into gif images. This is only for small flash.
  • Always try to use flash and submit form in last of the page because after submit tab content is not crawl by the search engine.
  • Very long pages are also not good split these type of pages in more than one page.
  • Always use text instead of flash or images to display keyword, content and links because google cant crawl text under images if you must use images than consider using "ALT" attribute with it but it should be descriptive and accurate don't do keyword stuffing here.
  • Title should be of 66 characters.
  • Description should be of 256 characters
  • Keyword meta tag should be 260 characters but not very necessary tag, 10 keywords and all should be in body text. Maximum 20 keywords. It gets no attention from google but matters in bing and yahoo.
  • Every page should have at least 250 words content.
  • Try to make paragraphs with 3-5 lines. It is easily scanable.
  • Avoid content from other websites and also avoid using rss updates form other web pages like twitter updates in sites. (Google panda changes)
  • RSS feeds are very important when your website have unique content and updated on regular basis. Please make sure that content should unique and not used for article submissions. Frequently change of content is favourable but it is not great when you do small changes in existing content.
  • Link your keywords internal and external web pages and blogs, please do not add more than 4 links in 300 words content, This will create a strong internal and external links for all blogs.
  • Fewer the outbound links more beneficial for website.
  • Use at least 3 text links to other inner pages at each page.
  • The text that is immediately before and after the anchor text also matters because it further indicates the relevance of the link .
  • Check all broken links and fix them.
  • Never link take or give links from banned websites.
  • Always exchange links within same category of websites.
  • Use full path for inner pages link this will crawl many times and the page rank of home page will automatically jump to ‘1’.
  • To jump 1 more PR regularly change text content or keep updating article.
  • Use H1 and H2 tag.
  • Use Title for each Hyperlink.
  • Each paragraph content also should have title in <p> tag.
  • Images and flash should not have size exceed than 50 kb.
  • Page size should not be more than 25 kb (use compression in heavy pages).
  • Make websites in <div> tag because if the websites is in <table> than content out of monitor screen is sometimes not crawled by the robots.
  • Images should have ‘alt’ attributes.
  • Place the same content from the Javascript in a no script tag. Placing different text in JavaScript than in a noscript tag violates webmaster guidelines.
  • Title of content and links, alt tag, images name and paths or folder name (try to use keywords on these places also)
  • Avoid hidden links and single pixel links.
  • Don't use cloaking or javascript redirects and doorway pages
  • If a 301 redirect or 302 redirect not applied properly it hurts a lot or it can be taken as blackhat trick if user redirect immediately to different page.
  • Cloaking :- Serving a page of HTML text to search engines, while showing a page of images or Flash to users. And Serving different content to search engines than to users.
  • When Googlebot indexes a page containing JavaScript, it will index that page but it cannot follow or index any links hidden in the JavaScript itself.
  • Doorway pages are typically large sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. In many cases, doorway pages are written to rank for a particular phrase and then funnel users to a single destination.
  • Use Original content for webpages.
  • To check originality of content visit
  • For error check of XHTML and CSS2 visit
  • Use meta robots text .
  • Use external CSS to make page easily loadable.
  • Try to call javascript file in the last of the page.
  • Use favicon make it with 16X16 px with .ico plugin of photoshop then it is visible to every web browsers.
  • After making website always check for xhtml and css2  errors and
  • Try to make websites browser compatible
  • Regularly monitor performance of the website using page speed, Web page test, Y SLow and many other tools.
  • Always use XML sitemap. (
  • Use google webmaster verification code in meta tag after verifying websites.
  • Use meta tag rating, copyright, robots, googlebots, revisit after and meta abstract.
  • To verify website on yahoo sitesearch.
  • To verify website on MSN webmaster.
  • To verify on Alexa just get into personal account after login.
  • Use RSS in websites
  • Use Google analytics code.
  • Use Google Adsense.
  • Use “add this” share button to share on social networking websites.
  • To invite Google after any changes in site use Google webmaster tool.
  • If possible use keyword enabled domain because Google caffeine give preference to domain containing keyword.
  • Put nofollow in URL of any other site in our webpage.
  • Always use small caps in tags.
  • Use different title and description for all pages.
  • Use image expire date.
  • URL should not be “canonicalization” for example,
  • Use very less nested table because it make the page slow to load. Browser has to find the end of the table before it can display the entire page.
  • Primary keyword should appear in <meta> and title tag.
  • Don’t use a keyword more than 3times in a single page and 1time for every 5 links.
  • Javascript file are also under 50kb.
  • “:” remove this character from <meta> tag because this can act as delimiters or stab characters sometime.
  • Spider food = hyperlink and Content.
  • Deep Crawel = All hyperlink are craweled.
  • Shallow Crawel = only index or home pages and few pages are craweled.
  • Keyword stuffing is to put unnecessary many keywords illegally in <img> tag and with flash. (This is part of black hat seo)
  • Black hat seo tricks can put site in spam.
  • Search engine do not read content with script tag.
  • Using <noframe> tag with frame tag means you are fixing it to become readable by search engines. But avoid using frames because it is very very bad for seo.
  • Keyword density in body text 2-5%.
  • Keywords are one to six words in length.
  • Use hyphens "-" in link names or URLs.
  • Google like sites whose content changes over time.
  • Use URL Length somewhat less than the 2000 characters allowed by IE.
  • Less than 1000 is good and less than 100 is better.
  • Newer pages on an older site will get faster recognition.
  • Redirect three refresh <meta> tags, don’t immediately send your visitor to another page.
  • Image map links and JavaScript links are problematic.
  • Domain expiration date register for 5 years, Google knows you are serious. Register for 1 year is it a throw away domain.
  • File location on server and website theme also matters.
  • Having a separate domain or folder is better instead of subdomain.
  • First Come First Serve Search Engine robots will follow the first link they find to any particular page. They won’t follow additional links to the same page.
  • Google has limited the number of URLs in its sitemaps to 50000 URLs and 1000 sitemaps.
  • Use best search friendly keyword phrase.
  • Keyword proximity is applicable for keyword phrases that consist of 2 or more words. Use keywords one after other not like one word in first paragraph and second word in third it counts less.
  • Use 4 keywords in page title in between “|”, 7 words at most.
  • Use GZIP for html and CSS compression it reduces page loading time.
    a/gzip for higher compression rate
    b/deflate (apache) it is a better choice if your site have 1000 unique visitors because it requires much less energy to compress a file.
  • Increase load speed of webpage 


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